6 companies with employee wellbeing benefits that are almost too good to be true

Ghina Fahs
November 23, 2022
6 companies with employee wellbeing benefits that are almost too good to be true
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When we hear the words “employee benefits,” we typically think of health insurance, paid vacation leave, and employee discounts, which are, for the most part, mandatory privileges that companies are expected to offer their employees by law. 

Some others take it a step further by voluntarily adding extra benefits and perks like free catered meals and occasional team activities, which is all well and good. But does this ensure employee well-being? Is it enough to keep employees happy, improve their quality of life, and maintain a healthy work culture? What steps are companies taking to truly support the wellbeing of their employees?

Balancing work and wellness can be tough on us all, but knowing there are some companies out there that are making the right effort to take the load off is like music to our ears, and you’re gonna wanna play this song, too.

We’ve compiled a list of 6 companies offering some of the most impressive and unique wellbeing benefits you’ve ever heard of. Consider this piece a source of inspiration:

  1. Motive
  2. Asana
  3. HootSuite
  4. Chesapeake Energy
  5. Square
  6. Abstract

1. Motive

Formerly known as KeepTruckin, Motive is a San Francisco-based tech and software development company founded in 2013 and aimed at improving the safety, productivity, and profitability of businesses that power the physical economy, from construction, field service, agriculture, and trucking, to logistics, delivery, and more.

With over 3,500 employees, this company approaches mental health support on both collective and individual scales. They partnered with Modern Health to offer their employees therapist-led circles and numerous mental health webinars, as well as psychological safety training for all managers. To add to that, all employees and their dependents get one-on-one therapy sessions, completely covered by the company. 

Combine all that with flexible and remote working options, free daily meals, beer on tap, and an unlimited vacation policy, and you’re sure to have some happy employees.

2. Asana

Another San Francisco-based tech company you might be familiar with: Asana.

Asana is a web and mobile task management platform founded in 2008 and designed to help teams organize, track, and manage their work. Known as a “healthcare trailblazer,” Asana strongly believes that prioritizing employee wellbeing can change the entire culture of an organization, building a team of happier, healthier employees. 

As another Modern Health partner, Asana’s wellbeing program enables employees to choose from experienced, professional coaches and get 6 to 9 free sessions per year of executive or life coaching, up to 8 free sessions with a therapist, and access to the digital mental health support tool Amelia, for meditation and mindfulness practices.

3. HootSuite

Vancouver-based social media management platform HootSuite is another tech company founded in 2008 that invests wholeheartedly in employee wellbeing. As a part of its mental health and wellness programs, HootSuite not only offers its “owls” unlimited PTO but also pays 100% of psychological and psychiatric care costs for employees, and gives them a free Headspace subscription.

What’s more? Employees are nurtured in offices that come with a nap room—yes, you read that right—and a yoga studio.

It doesn’t stop there, though. Wellbeing also means finding balance, right? HootSuite offices offer employees free wine and beer on tap every Friday. Cheers to that!

4. Chesapeake Energy

Up next on our list is Chesapeake Energy, an Oklahoma-based exploration and production company in the oil and gas industry, founded in 1989. 

Active people are going to love this. Chesapeake Energy takes encouraging fitness to a whole new level, with an on-site 72,000-square-foot fitness center that includes a volleyball court, an Olympic-sized pool, a rock climbing wall, and personal trainers available to train employees.

Their corporate campus also offers chiropractor visits, physical therapy, up to 6 free therapy sessions, nutritional counseling and group classes focused on physical fitness, stress relief and relaxation.

To add to all that, Chesapeake also offers free scuba diving certifications to all employees. Seriously? Where do we apply?

5. Square

More recently known as Block, Square was founded in 2009 by Jack Dorsey, the same man behind Twitter. Square is a software development company headquartered in none other than San Francisco. This diverse platform offers common business tools in unconventional ways so more people can start, run, and grow their own businesses—whether it’s commerce, banking, or team management, they have a tool for it.

This tech giant has over 6,769 employees and absolutely nailed its approach to workplace wellness, offering employees a range of on-site health services including acupuncturists, chiropractors and massage specialists, along with yoga and meditation classes. Have you ever heard of an office so zen?

6. Abstract

Abstract is a design intelligence platform based in, you probably guessed it, San Francisco. Aimed at making the design process seamlessly collaborative and bringing everyone involved onto “the same page,” Abstract is a tool to manage, version, and document design files in one place.

This remote-first company offers unlimited time off as well as four-day work weeks, and if you thought that was enough, Abstract’s version of the four-day work week includes alternating four-day weekends, with the intention of effectively improving work-life balance, increasing productivity, offering more flexibility, and reducing burnout.

Employees also get a monthly wellness stipend to spend on whatever makes them feel good, whether it's the gym, yoga, meditation classes, or outdoor activities—you name it!

To wrap it all up

Are you already thinking of touching up your resume and sending it over to one of the companies on our list? Or maybe you’re an employer that’s rethinking your entire benefits strategy? In any case, we feel you!

It’s no secret that great employee benefits are proving to be an increasingly effective way to increase employee engagement and encourage a happy workplace, while attracting and retaining the best talents, but prioritizing employee wellbeing is essential to checking all the boxes.

As the workforce evolves and employee needs change, employers are learning the rising importance of offering valuable benefits that are hard to beat. Many are now making the effort to lean in closer, listen to what the people want, and go the extra mile to invest in the wellbeing of their employees. Inevitably, employee satisfaction will significantly increase, in turn, boosting productivity and performance. We love to see it.

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