7 reasons you should automate your payroll process ASAP

Ghina Fahs
May 8, 2023
7 reasons you should automate your payroll process ASAP
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Are you still processing payroll manually every month? Do you find yourself dreading the tedious and repetitive tasks that keep you from focusing on the true, purposeful work of HR?

If the answer is yes, you’re not alone; recent research by QuickBooks showed that more than 34% of business owners still use spreadsheets to manage their payroll manually.

We advise you not to waste another minute, though; the future of work is calling to tell you that automating your payroll process is a total no-brainer. It’s about time, so keep reading to find out why!

Here are the 7 most important reasons why your company should automate its payroll process ASAP:

1) It gives you back precious time

Automating your payroll saves you valuable time that can be used for other important tasks. No more spending countless hours manually calculating taxes, benefits, and deductions. With automation, your payroll is processed in seconds, not hours, leaving you with more time to focus on other important duties that require more of your energy and attention.

2) It boosts efficiency

Let's face it: manually calculating payroll is time-consuming and prone to human error. Automating your payroll means you can say goodbye to tedious manual data entry and let the software do the work for you. Automated systems can process payroll quickly and accurately, and not only does that save time, but it reduces the risk of errors and helps you do your work more efficiently. To add to that, you can also access payroll data in real-time and export everything in just a few clicks, making it much easier to track employee hours, expenses, and taxes.

3) Legal stuff is taken care of

Keeping up with ever-changing payroll regulations and tax laws can be overwhelming, and failure to comply can result in hefty fines or legal issues. By automating your payroll, you can ensure that your company is meeting all compliance requirements, such as minimum wage laws, tax regulations, and benefits. Automated systems can also generate reports that provide a detailed overview of payroll data, making it easier to demonstrate compliance in case of audits.

4) It’s more secure

Payroll data contains sensitive information such as social security numbers, bank account details, and much more. Automated systems often come with top-notch encryption and security features that ensure your employee data is protected. It's like having a trusty security guard watching over your payroll 24/7.

5) More bang for your buck

Believe it or not, automating your payroll can save you money in the long run. According to the American Payroll Association, automation can reduce payroll processing costs by a whopping 80%!

By eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors, you’ll end up saving money on labor costs and avoiding the costs associated with correcting mistakes. Not to mention, automating your payroll can also help you avoid the cost of hiring a dedicated payroll specialist to do it manually.

6) Less room for mistakes

Manual payroll processing can lead to costly errors, such as incorrect tax calculations and missed deductions. By automating your payroll, you reduce the risk of errors and ensure that your employees are paid accurately and on time. This not only helps maintain employee satisfaction but also prevents unexpected penalties and fines.

7) Employee self-service

With automation, your employees get more self-service options. A good system allows them to access their payroll information any time. Providing your people with quick and easy access to their payroll information not only saves you time and effort but it also increases employee satisfaction and builds trust!

To conclude

Automating your payroll is a smart business decision that offers numerous benefits. With the way that technology keeps advancing, there’s never been a more suitable time to invest in an automation system (believe us, it might just be your new sidekick!)

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