Feature update: Legal document wizard

Ghina Fahs
April 7, 2023
Feature update: Legal document wizard
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Know which legal documents you need to submit based on your set location

Legal document wizard for UAE companies

We understand that legal stuff is hard to keep up with when requirements are ever-changing. This makes it hard for HR teams to know which documents they need to prepare and submit for the company and for new employee onboarding.

This new feature makes it super easy for users to determine which documents they need to upload.

For companies based in the UAE, admin users will see a pre-populated list of required legal documents for uploading (i.e trade license) directly on the Company Profile > Legal Documents page, making it simple to know exactly what's required.

We will continue to add documents required for additional locations, but for now, non-UAE company admins will have to choose which documents to upload.

alfii dashboard screenshot of Feature update: Legal document wizard

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