Feeling low at work? Check out these tweets that made us LOL

Ghina Fahs
March 31, 2023
Feeling low at work? Check out these tweets that made us LOL
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Well, the title is pretty self-explanatory. We doom-scrolled so you won’t have to (you’re welcome) and gathered some of the funniest and most relatable workplace tweets we could find. You deserve to have a nice laugh at the end of a long day at work, so let’s go:

Having to be reminded “you’re on mute” every time you start to speak… Hoping to get it right someday!

On a conference call, always forgetting to unmute before you speak

Feeling exposed?

Kid makes fun of his dad while he works from home and types away at his laptop

Can’t blame ya, Janet

There will always be someone in the office who wants to drink before 11 am and in this case its janet lol

2364+ unopened emails to go…

Aren't we all so sick of getting emails from every single brand or company we breathe next to?

Okay let’s be real, we’ve all had days like this

Don't you just hate it when you arrive at work and forget to bring your will to live?

Lunch thieves 54 - 0 Us

One day, we'll get those office lunch thieves. Stop stealing my food!

Entry-level salaries for senior level experience??? Okaaay

When companies expect you to have decades of experience for an entry level salary

Not LinkedIn calling us out like that…

Cover letters are in the past, I will stop an entire application process if you ask me for a cover letter. Not ashamed about it.


All the different apps and softwares and systems that we have to use just to get work done... oh boy

And then you have to pretend you don’t want seconds, we know… we know.

When your coworker brings any food to the office and its the most exciting part of your day

Some things are just too universal lol

Every single office has those salad people...

And that's a wrap

Go ahead, send your faves to your work bestie, share them on your #memes Slack channel, or your Insta story, and keep an eye out for the next batch!

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