Introducing alfii's all-new Shifts feature: scheduling and time tracking made seamless

Ghina Fahs
August 22, 2023
Introducing alfii's all-new Shifts feature: scheduling and time tracking made seamless
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In our relentless pursuit of boosting workplace efficiency and empowering businesses, we’re super thrilled to announce the latest update to the alfii platform: the all-new Shifts feature! Automating and humanizing the way administrators manage employee schedules, this feature is set to simplify communication and streamline operations for business of all types—especially those with shift workers, like retail, manufacturing and hospitality industries.

Gone are the days of juggling spreadsheets, paper printouts and group chats to coordinate employee schedules. With alfii's time and attendance management tools, admins can now effortlessly set, communicate and track work schedules for their whole teams.

Unveiling key features

Here's a look into what the new Shifts feature brings to the table:

Define work locations and opening hours:
As part of this feature release, we're giving admins the power to define work locations —such as offices, branches, manufacturing facilities and even remote work locations — and set opening hours. Employees can check in at specific locations with zero hassle.

This feature will lay the groundwork for more exciting functionalities down the road, enhancing employee experience and optimizing your business operations.

Checking in/out with QR codes:
The integrated scheduling feature is synced with a swift check-in/out function, empowering employees to clock in and out in seconds through a QR code. This empowers employers to effortlessly monitor the exact time and location of each check-in. Admins users have the flexibility to generate unique QR codes that can be conveniently linked to specific branches or locations.

To add to that, our system accommodates both self-check-ins by employees and admin check-in on behalf of others when necessary.

Easy shift assignment: Admins can assign shifts to employees in just a few clicks through alfii's intuitive interface. By navigating to the Shifts module, admins can select the desired day for an employee to work and simply click on "Add Shift." Here is where they can input the specific work hours for that shift.

Effortless editing and removal:
We know schedules can change on the fly. That's why we've made it super simple for admins to edit or remove shifts. Adaptability is now at your fingertips.

Stay tuned for more

With alfii's new Shifts feature, the possibilities are endless. Businesses can expect increased productivity, reduced communication overhead, and smoother operations, while administrators can keep shifts covered with ease. By eliminating the need for complicated and unreliable scheduling methods, companies can now focus more on what truly matters: keeping their employees happy and delivering exceptional products and services to their customers.

Imagine the convenience of having all your scheduling needs neatly organized within a single platform, eliminating the need for manual updates and fragmented communication channels!

Are you ready to experience the future of streamlined shift scheduling? If you’re an existing user, you explore the new feature right away by heading to the "Shifts" module on your alfii dashboard. From there, you can effortlessly assign, edit, and remove shifts, all while keeping your team in the loop about their work schedules.

If you haven’t joined the party yet, sign up and try alfii for free in just a few clicks to enjoy seamless scheduling and so much more!

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