Introducing alfii's all-new Time Off feature: streamlining leave management for enhanced efficiency

Ghina Fahs
August 2, 2023
Introducing alfii's all-new Time Off feature: streamlining leave management for enhanced efficiency
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Efficiently managing employee time off is crucial for smooth operations and avoiding administrative bottlenecks for teams of all stages and sizes. To further empower HR departments and employees alike, we’ve launched an all-new Time Off feature to simplify leave management, streamline approval workflows, and provide better, easier visibility to time off policies and balances.

The newly added ‘Time Off’ section will serve as a central hub that enables users to view, request and accurately track their time off in just a few clicks, all while getting a real-time, accurate view of time off allocations and utilization. How cool is that?

What you can do with this feature:

Super Admins:

  • Super Admins now wield the power to configure comprehensive time off policies tailored to the company's needs. This is done under the ‘Settings’ page > Time Off.

  • Quickly configure and assign policies to employees, including carry-over rules and document requirements.

  • Set up workflows to delegate approvals so you can let managers handle time off requests. We've got you covered on all fronts!

  • Track company-wide balances across different leave types within a policy.

  • Efficiently manage incoming time off requests from the dashboard task panel.


  • Approvers, typically managers, can easily approve or decline time off requests from their team members.

  • The task panel is a trusty sidekick as always, conveniently displaying pending requests for quick review and action.

  • Overlapping leaves are highlighted, ensuring visibility and awareness of team availability.

All users:

  • All users can request time off directly from the dashboard and choose from a variety of leave types including holidays, sick leave, volunteering, mental health leave, and much more!

  • Submitting past days off is now possible as well, eliminating any administrative hurdles.

  • Users can easily review their time off balance and activity, enabling them to accurately track how many days they’ve used up and how many they still have remaining.

  • Access to time off allocation and balances enables employees to plan their schedules effectively.

Wait, there’s more…

To add to all the core functionalities, alfii offers a Public Holiday Calendar feature that benefits both Super Admins and employees. Super Admins can assign country-specific public holiday calendars to employees, enabling users to accurately facilitate leave planning as well as tracking public holidays respective to their specific locations.

Why this feature rocks:

Enhanced efficiency:

  • Wave goodbye to administrative burdens and save precious time with a streamlined leave management process that’s quick, smooth, and easy-to-understand.

  • Automated workflows and notifications simplify the approval process for managers and improve overall efficiency.
  • Forget about the back-and-forth hassle of emailed time off requests or manual forms, and bottlenecks caused by managers taking time to approve leave requests.

Improved transparency and awareness:

  • Clear visibility of company-wide leave balances and overlapping leaves makes it much easier to foster better coordination and planning across the board.

  • Employees have a comprehensive view of their own time off allocations and balances, empowering them to make more informed decision-making.

Personalization and customization:

  • Super Admins can tailor time off policies to align with their company’s specific requirements, promoting flexibility and fairness.

  • The ability to assign public holiday calendars by country ensures accurate time off tracking across different regions.

Give it a go

The all new PTO feature is a major milestone in our product development, and we're confident it will revolutionize how you manage leave. Now, you can optimize your time off management, improve coordination, and boost overall productivity effortlessly. We can't wait for you to try it out and see how it simplifies and streamlines your leave management!

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