Alfii launches new Time Off feature to make leave management easier than ever for the whole team

Ghina Fahs
July 19, 2023
Alfii launches new Time Off feature to make leave management easier than ever for the whole team

DUBAI, UAE – July 19, 2023: Efficiently managing employee time off and leave requests has never been easier, thanks to alfii's all-new Paid Time Off feature. The latest addition to the platform is set to empower HR departments and employees alike, simplifying leave management, streamlining workflows, and promoting transparency in the easiest, most convenient, and most intuitive way possible.

The newly added 'Time Off' feature serves as a centralized hub for employees to effortlessly request time off and view their remaining balances, while admin and manager users can easily approve / deny time off requests from their team. With just a few clicks, users can navigate through the system and gain a comprehensive overview of their time off allocations and utilization. 

Key features and benefits

Time off policies

Super Admins now have the power to configure time off policies tailored to their organization's needs. They can efficiently set and assign policies to employees, including carry-over rules, documentation requirements, and approval workflows. The new feature also enables Super Admins to track company-wide balances and manage time off requests seamlessly.

Simple time off requests

All users can also directly request 'Holiday' and 'Sick leave' straight from their dashboard. They can also submit past days off and review their time off balance and activity for accurate tracking. Admin users can also submit time off on behalf of others.

One-click approvals

HR admins and approvers can easily review and approve or deny time off requests right from their dashboard task panel. When multiple team members have overlapping leaves, the system automatically highlights it for easy visibility and better understanding of team availability.

Public holiday calendars by country

Finally, the Time Off feature includes a convenient Public Holiday Calendar feature. Super Admins can easily assign country-specific calendars to employees for accurate leave planning and tracking of public holidays.s to love

What’s to love

With this product update, HR teams can say goodbye to manual, error-prone time off tracking, errors and inaccuracies. Alfii's streamlined leave management tool saves time for HR departments by slashing away administrative burdens, while automated workflows and notifications simplify and speed up the approval process, increasing efficiency and productivity for all.

It’s time to ditch the attendance logs and back-and-forth of vacation request emails. With clear visibility of leave balances and overlapping leaves, teams can better coordinate and plan for absences. All employees can quickly and easily access their time off allocations and balances for better decision-making.

Alfii’s new Time Off feature is a significant milestone in the product evolution, tackling leave management with simplified processes for admins, managers and employees. This is another step on alfii’s path to empower HR owners to optimize workflows and processes, win their time back, and take better care of their people.

To experience a whole new level of efficiency in your organization's leave management processes, sign up and take alfii for a spin today!


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