Partnership announcement: alfii becomes official technology partner of Evolve People Network

alfii joins forces with Evolve People Network to become their official technology partner, delivering content and insights to members of the HR community.

Ghina Fahs
June 6, 2023
Partnership announcement: alfii becomes official technology partner of Evolve People Network

In a collaboration that aims to grow and serve the thriving community of HR leaders across the UAE, alfii has joined forces with Evolve People Network to become the official technology partner of the organization.

The partnership allows alfii to tap into a vast community of HR professionals and leaders as a source of real user feedback while their product offering evolves. In line with the company’s philosophy to prioritize user experience, this will help ensure that alfii’s roadmap is guided by the needs of its users. With that, alfii’s collaboration with Evolve People Network will help to continue building a product that meets the evolving requirements of the HR community.

Going beyond its technology offering, alfii will also deliver content and insights to members of the HR community through a content collaboration opening up new avenues for knowledge sharing, leveraging the strengths of both organizations to empower HR professionals.

"Alfii is an incredible HR system, built around what HR people actually want. The HR software space really needs a solution like this, and I'm happy to help bring it to life. I truly believe in what alfii is building and I'm really excited to be a part of this journey." - Emma Davies, Evolve People Network

What to expect from this collaboration

Recognizing the rich bank of insights and wealth of expertise within the Evolve community, alfii warmly encourages all members of Evolve People Network to become valuable contributors by taking part in their collaborative creations.

Evolve community members will have the opportunity to share their insights through speaking engagements, participate in polls, share their best practices, and serve as subject matter experts for interviews. This approach ensures that the content alfii delivers remains authentic and representative of the diverse perspectives within the HR field.

The alfii team looks forward to exchanging engaging and informative knowledge with Evolve People Network, and by collaborating closely, they aim to address the most pressing topics and questions top-of-mind for the HR community, ensuring the content provided is useful and relevant.

“We’re thrilled to be activating this partnership with Evolve! Not only does the organization share our vision of driving positive change in the workplace, but as a fast-growing group of people professionals, this is precisely the community that we are working hard to serve on a daily basis. The closer we can get to them and the more we listen, the better we’ll be able to build a product that does exactly what they need it to do. We’re confident that together we’ll make a meaningful impact on the HR space.” - Becky Jefferies, co-founder and CMO, alfii

To kick off their partnership, alfii’s CTO Dina Mohammad-Laity joined other key members of Evolve to give an insightful talk at the recent Workspace Summit that took place in Dubai on May 25th, 2023. Learn more about the successful panel discussion here. And to add to that, this collaboration will see them co-hosting webinars, podcasts, organizing their own fun HR events, and much more!

What’s next?

Keep an eye out for their first collaborative webinar on the topic of "What AI Tools Mean for HR," addressing the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on various aspects of HR work. The webinar will delve into AI's influence on the recruitment process, its potential to reshape expectations around productivity and team dynamics, workforce planning, and much more.

Stay tuned for updates on the exciting joint initiatives from alfii and Evolve People Network as they continue to empower HR professionals with cutting-edge content and collaborative learning opportunities.

A little bit about Evolve People Network

Dubai-based Evolve People Network is a dynamic and thriving community of industry experts, thought leaders, and professionals dedicated to fostering connections, collaboration, and growth. As an innovative platform, Evolve People Network brings together individuals and organizations from a variety of sectors, providing a space for meaningful engagement, knowledge sharing, and personal and professional development. With a focus on empowering individuals and driving positive change, Evolve People Network serves as a go-to resource for unlocking new opportunities, insights, and connections within the business world.

For more information about Evolve People Network, visit their website at

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