Introducing a simple, powerful payroll solution

Take the mayday out of payday with our one-stop automated payroll system. Efficiently manage, process and pay salaries, whether your team is banked or unbanked.

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alfii dashboard view of payroll window where employees name, salarie, title and other information can be seen. This window displays monthly payments and approved payloads.
Simple, speedy, error-free payroll

Run payroll in minutes

Auto-generate, review and approve your payroll table in just a few clicks, so payroll is speedy and always on time.

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Manage payroll on time

Generate your SIF file in just a few clicks with fast review and approval of payroll details.

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Cut out inefficiencies

Review and automate your table without paperwork or spreadsheets. Simply run it, check it and approve!

Money with Wings

Fast salary payments

Real-time salary payment processing without leaving the platform, for both banked and unbanked employees (UAE employers only).

Compliance, accuracy and peace of mind

Salaries are auto-calculated for error-free payroll tables. Any changes from the previous cycle are highlighted, so you can just review, confirm and go! Plus, salary payments are issued with the security of a reputable, established financial institution.

Manage it all in one place, from anywhere

Your people and payroll data is all stored online, so you can manage it from anywhere in real-time. Easily view and download your payroll history on the spot, without digging through old files.

Ultra simple, extra secure

Organize, review and automate payroll without spreadsheets. Simply run it, check it and approve! Plus, you choose who has access to payroll data and admin privileges.

Less time on admin, more time for people

Reduce time spent on manual, repetitive tasks by streamlining and automating day-to-day HR processes. And with easy self-service, employees can help themselves to personnel data updates or document requests directly through the platform.

When you leave the administrative work with us, there’s more time to focus on what really matters: taking care of people.

The easiest way to pay your people.

Why choose alfii for your payroll?

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One system for start-to-finish payroll

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Organizes and compiles your payroll into one simple approval process

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Centralize all your employee and payroll data in one place

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Automatically highlights changes from the previous cycle, so you just confirm them

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All payroll data is automatically saved and easily downloaded

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Get up and running fast — no implementation time

What you can do with alfii's payroll management tool

Easily modify employee payroll details

Automatically generate your payroll file

Fast review and approval of payroll details

Issue salary payments to your team, whether they are banked or unbanked

UAE employers only

Take the mayday out of payday

Take alfii for a spin with no commitment or payment card required.

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