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Time off management made simple

Vacation and leave management doesn’t have to be a hassle. With alfii’s time off features, you can effortlessly assign, manage and track time off for your whole team.

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PTO dashboard snippets of the alfii app
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How it works

Let PTO run itself

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Flexible policy creation

Customize your own time off policies with loads of built-in options to choose from. Set carry-over rules, assign policies to each employee, delegate approvers, and watch the magic unfold!

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Easy time off requests

No more outdated request forms and email threads. Employees can submit time off requests instantly from their dashboard, and easily check their balances in real time.

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One-click approvals

Designate others to review time off requests, letting managers handle their own teams. With just one click, new requests can be approved or denied for faster turnaround and zero bottlenecks.

Simplify time off management for everyone

An effortless time off tracker that just works, from fully flexible policy creation to fast, automated requests and approvals. Plus, PTO balances that update themselves. What more could you want?

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Key features

A time off manager for sick leave, vacation tracking, parental leave and more

One system for start-to-finish payroll

Alfii supports complex time off policies and a wide variety of leave types.

Automated leave balances

Avoid errors and let alfii automatically calculate and display time off balances with precision.

Easy electronic requests

No more back and forth emails. Employees can easily submit leave requests in a few clicks.

One-click approvals

Never miss a beat! Open requests are visible and can be approved right from the dashboard task panel.

Approval delegation

Easy configuration of lines of approval, so time off requests go straight to the right supervisor.

Assign public holiday calendars

Access built-in public holiday calendars by country and assign to employees.

Submit time off for others

Admins and approvers can easily submit time off on behalf of employees in their organization.

Overlapping leave alerts

The system automatically flags when multiple team members are requesting leave at the same time.

Past time off submission

Time off can be back-dated to adjust for leave already taken but not yet accounted for in the system.

Why choose alfii for your time off management?

Time savings for the whole team ⏰

We make it quick and easy for employees and managers to plan their own time off with just a few clicks.

A system that runs itself 🏃

A painless time off system that just works, to make sure everyone gets the breaks they need.

Error-proof and transparent 🔎

We do all the tricky calculations for you so balances are always accurate. HR gets a clear view of everything and the whole team gets up-to-the-minute data they can trust.

Full flexibility 🌟

Customize time off your way with a multitude of policy types and accrual options tailored to fit the unique needs of your team.

Never miss a request 📬

Notifications are sent straight to the approver’s inbox, and outstanding requests can be reviewed and handled right from your dashboard.

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