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Our pricing is as simple as our platform. No hidden fees or charges — just a per-person subscription cost based on your number of employees, with free access for teams smaller than 25.

alfii for startups

First year free for teams of up to 25 people

First year Free


Employee profiles

Employee self-service

Onboarding tools

Unlimited document storage & collection

Payroll configuration

Custom admin permissions

1 onboarding call

Time off management

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Pro plan

Core HR for the whole team in one simple, intuitive platform.

AED 10

per month per user


Employee profiles

Employee self-service

Onboarding tools

Unlimited document storage & collection

Payroll configuration

Custom admin permissions

3 onboarding calls

Time off management

Custom enterprise pricing available for teams larger than 250 people.

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Startup-friendly pricing to help you while you scale

Whether bootstrapping or scaling up, we want to help fuel your growth with our alfii for startups program.

alfii for startups

Designed to give newly launched and early-stage companies access to our powerful HR tools at a lower price.

Free platform access for the first 12 months

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Companies with 25 employees or fewer automatically get free access to our Pro plan for up to 12 months. You’ll only be asked for payment when your account exceeds 25 users or once you’ve passed 12 months, whichever comes first.

Calculate your monthly subscription

Pricing is based on your employee headcount and includes full access to the platform. You can also make direct payroll payments to your team, which is an optional add-on.

Move the sliders to show your employee headcount, plus how many banked and unbanked employees you’ll send salary payments to.

Number of employees

AED 10 per user / month. Teams of 25 or less get free access for 12 months.

Payroll processing

AED 5 per transaction for employees with bank accounts, and AED 10 for unbanked employees.

Banked employees

Unbanked Employees

Total per month

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Getting started is easier than you think

Test drive with no commitment

You can try alfii for free (up to 25 employees per account) for 12 months without entering payment details. If you like what you see—and we think you will—then it’s easy to migrate to a paid account when your employee count exceeds 25.

Choose the plan that fits you

We’re big on making alfii work for you. That’s why we offer startup and SME-friendly pricing, so getting started is seamless and affordable—and so is growing together.

Hassle-free cancellation

We’ll give you plenty of reasons to stay, but you can still change or cancel your plan at anytime. Zero penalties, zero notice period. Simple as that.

Questions on the brain?

Can I try alfii for free?

Yes, all you need to do is sign up and start using the platform, and you get 12 months free with a limit of 25 employees. If your company is larger than that and you want to explore the platform free of charge, just onboard no more than 25 employees to experience the functionality, and whenever you’re ready, upgrade to a paid plan to add the rest. The free plan includes full access to the platform excluding direct payroll payments, which are an optional add-on cost. 

Do I need a credit card to try alfii for free?

No, you don't need any type of payment card to get started. You can migrate to a paid account by adding a payment method later if you exceed 25 employees or once you’ve finished your 12 month trial period.

What are my subscription options?

For companies that no longer qualify for the free plan, we charge AED10 per employee per month. We also offer payroll payments, which are an optional add-on to the subscription plan. Payroll processing fees are charged on a per-transaction basis at a rate of AED10 per unbanked employee and AED5 per banked employee. Custom enterprise pricing is available for larger teams.

What are my payment options?

Credit and debit cards are accepted. Invoices are available through your alfii portal and via email.

How does the billing cycle work?

Alfii subscriptions are monthly and prepaid. Each payment grants upfront access for the month ahead.

What happens to my account information once the free trial ends?

Your account will be in view-only mode, but all data will be accessible. Reactivating the subscription will restore account details and settings, so no data is ever lost.

Do you offer other currencies?

At the moment, we only support UAE Dirham (AED), but other currencies will be introduced in the future.

Do I have to pay taxes?

Currently, we do not charge taxes.

What if I add new employees in the middle of a billing cycle?

New employees will be included in the next billing cycle. Consider this one on us ☺️  

How do payroll processing fees work?

Payroll processing fees are charged on a per-transaction basis and are an optional add-on to a subscription plan. The cost is AED10 per unbanked employee and AED5 per banked employee. Temporary authorization holds will be placed on your payment card during payroll processing.

Why is there an authorization hold for my payment processing fees?

Authorization holds are a standard practice in e-commerce used to verify the availability of funds and prevent duplicate charges.

How can I take advantage of the early low pricing?

Our subscription plans are currently priced as low as possible to make alfii more affordable and accessible for growing businesses. As we build more features and functionality into the platform, we plan to adjust our prices in accordance with the expanded offering. To show our early customers how much we appreciate the support, we’re happy to lock in the low subscription rates for a full year—meaning no price increases will apply even when you’re getting more out of the product! How’s that for a win-win partnership?

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