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Time and attendance tracking in a snap

Introducing a smarter way to manage time tracking. With alfii’s Shifts features, you can set up unlimited working locations, easily assign shifts to your team, and automate clock-in and clock-out.

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How it works

Streamline time tracking from start to finish

Our employee time tracking software makes it super easy for admins to set and communicate schedules, and for employees to check in and out of their shifts.
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Set work locations and hours

Admins can easily define work locations — such as offices or branches — in just a few clicks, and customize operating hours for each one. Set as many work locations as you need, no limits!

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Assign shifts

No more punch cards, timesheets, and hours of manually calculating hours clocked. Admins can set and assign schedules in minutes, to easily let employees know when they need to work.

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Clock in like it’s 2023

Team members can clock in and out — or log hours all at once — straight from the platform or with a QR code on-site. You’ll always know when and where employees are working.

Why choose alfii for shift management and time tracking?

Simplified for the whole team ⏰

No more punch cards and timesheets. Manage hours for your whole team in a matter of minutes. We make it easy for admins to set and assign schedules, and for employees to clock in and out in a snap.

With flexibility comes freedom 🌍

Enable time tracking wherever your workforce goes. Employees can clock in online from anywhere or by scanning a QR code when they enter a work location.

Full visibility 🔎

Know exactly who’s working and when, while your team gets a full view of their schedules in real-time, giving you peace of mind that every employee knows when they’re working. Plus, you can easily spot gaps in coverage or scheduling conflicts.

All in one place 🏠

Manage schedules for the whole team from anywhere. Everyone’s shift details are stored online, and it’s all centralized in one hub.

Perfect for modern ways of working 🌟

The work week has changed. Our shift management tool makes flexible scheduling easier for everyone, to fit the unique needs of your workforce, whether part-time or full-time or distributed across time zones.

See how alfii can transform your shift scheduling and time tracking

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